Newborn Gallery

I am passionate about newborns.  I am a mom of four, and I know that this sweet, exhausting time period seems to disappear before you can think clearly enough to solidify the little details in your mind.  Not only that, but you don’t feel as pretty as you did a couple weeks ago.  You feel exhausted.  And if it’s not your first baby, you’re concerned about how big sister or brother will react to a new sibling and a new routine.  I have been there.

You will undoubtedly have phone-camera pictures from this time period. They are wonderful.  Quick, accessible, and sharable.  But a newborn session is wonderful in a different way.  I take care to document each tiny detail of your little miracle’s squishy sweetness.  I strive to show the connection between sibling and baby, between mom and dad, and between baby and parents.  It is not only the details but the connection that we as mothers want to remember.

During a newborn session, baby is comfy and warm (usually sleeping), and we do not rush.  You will have time to relax, to feed baby, to check your hair, and to rest your eyes.  It is, for most moms, a welcome time of pause.

Newborn sessions can be scheduled as early as the second trimester but certainly before baby arrives.  They take place within the first 10 days of baby’s life, when baby is still sleepy and able to be posed.

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